Sperg Meaning – What Does Sperg Mean?

Sperg Meaning: What is the meaning of Sperg with clear illustrations

What does “sperg” stand for and what does it mean? With this ESL infographic and some conversation examples, you will discover the meaning of this term as well as when to use it.

Sperg Meaning - What Does Sperg Mean?

What does “Sperg” mean?

It is defined as someone who throws a tantrum or a “sh*tfit” in a childlike manner. Moreover, people use it to describe those who exhibit the same types of behaviors as those suffering from the disorder. If someone calls a man “sperg”, he has tantrums or compulsive behavior in response to things not being exactly how that person wishes. This term also describes someone who is completely bothersome due to their single-minded obsessive way of focusing on specific things.


The slang term “sperg” originally comes from Asperger Syndrome. Tantrums or obsessive behavior about items are common among people with this disease. As a result of this derivation of the disorder, if anyone prones to tantrums or compulsive tendencies, he is a “sperg”. While it may not be the most flattering term, it is often the most truthful way of describing certain individuals.


A: Have you heard about Jane’s bad behavior at the zoo yesterday?

B: Yes, her mother has told me. But why did she do that?

A: Because she didn’t want to go home

B: What a sperg! 

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