O7- O7 Meaning – What Does O7 Mean?

O7 Meaing – What is the definition of O7 ?

How to illustrate its meaning effectively in daily conversation?

We had to make our emojis out of letters, numbers, and punctuation before cellphones were invented. As a result, the term “O7” frequently appears in online web forums and video games. Furthermore, because the slang “O7” is so widely used, you might not think it’s strange when you hear it. Have you ever wondered if it’s an acronym for a yet-to-be-discovered term or if it genuinely means something? This article contains the correct answer. You’ll also learn about its origins and, if applicable, alternate meanings. This article will also give you some helpful examples as well as some alternative formulations to assist you better grasp how to use “O7.”

O7- O7 Meaning - What Does O7 Mean?


O7 Meaning

What is the definition of this slang?

It’s an emoticon that’s designed to look like someone saluting someone else. In the emoticon O7, the letter O represents a head or face, while the number 7 indicates an arm and hand saluting in a military-style salute. These emblems are uncommon in other gaming communities, yet they are pretty popular among EVE gamers. The letters o7 and o/ have the same meaning. They’re utilized as a cordial greeting between players who aren’t trying to hurt each other. As in real life, o/ is more casual, whereas o7 is more official. A pleasant gesture is a wave, but a salute is a display of respect.

It’s worth noting that the emoticon uses the wrong hand, the left. The right hand is often used to salute. A salute is used to demonstrate that you are not holding a weapon (such as a knife) in your hand. Greetings are given with the right hand since most people are right-handed (i.e., it’s the hand most people would use to stab you with). This reassures the person receiving the salute that you are unarmed. It is primarily utilized in the video game War Thunder, particularly in the Realistic and Simulator game modes. It’s sometimes written with a capital “O (letter)” and typed as O7. And only very infrequently with a zero, 07. 

When capitalizing, people use “O7,” intending to refer to a specific type of star. Classes of stars are organized according to CCBC to illustrate a shift in the strength of their representative spectral lines. O, B, A, F, G, K, and M are the classes divided into ten subclasses denoted by the numbers zero through ten. The designation for the eighth subgroup of O class stars is thus spectral type O7.

Where does the slang “O7” originate from?

According to Crossing Zebras, the slang “o7” was born out of a desire to interact and be personable in EVE. Because it’s anticipated that the other players would be hostile, there’s a necessity for good communication. Other games, such as Elite Dangerous, employ this as well. 

Strangers were often apprehensive of people they met on the street before gaming. Because both gestures require people to take their hands off their weapons, especially if they are military, the wave and salute motions were used to signal that no one meant any harm to the other. They can begin their conversation with an o7 or an o/ to show other EVE players that they mean no harm.

EVE Online has many active and retired military players, which could be where the phrases originate. Players in EVE are placed into the midst of space and given the freedom to choose their course from various alternatives. In the game’s “sandbox,” players can engage in both PvP (person versus person) and PvE (person versus environment) warfare. Players can engage in a range of jobs and activities, including war, politics, trading, exploration, and piracy, while engaging with hundreds of thousands of other players across thousands of star systems in EVE Online.

Crowd Control Productions (CCP) launched EVE in 1997 and developed it. They are most known for EVE Online, DUST 514, a PlayStation 3 game set in the EVE universe, and EVEL Valkyrie, a PlayStation 4 game set in the EVE universe. Sparc and the Gunjack Series are two of their other games. EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas, two in-person meetings for EVE players, are also hosted by CCP Games.

O7- O7 Meaning - What Does O7 Mean?

Conversation examples

  •  Jackson: Who’s with me?
  • Alex: Here I am! o7

Phillip and John are collaborating on a video game.

  • Phillip: Such an excellent kill. o7
  • John: Thank you a lot! o7.

Alternative slangs

o7 is frequently used in conjunction with other emoticons or acronyms. Salute mate, for example, is o7 m8.

Other interpretations

O7 could also refer to the pay grade of a Brigadier General in the Air Force, Marine Corps, or Army in the United States uniformed services. You might be a rear admiral in the Coast Guard, Navy, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps. There is also a category of stars known as O-type stars, sometimes known as O7 stars.


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