Grool Meaning – What Does Grool Mean?

What Is The Meaning of GROOL And How It Is Used?

Ever wondered what GROOL means? This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of GROOL. Not only will we give you handy English conversation examples and the acronym’s definition, but we will also provide you with how to use, and when to use this slang term. 

Grool Meaning - What Does Grool Mean?

What Is The Definition of GROOL? 

GROOL originates from a mixture between “great” and “cool”. Sometimes it comes out by trying to say two words at once. It is used with a positive meaning to compliment something or express excitement.

Origin of Grool 

It was first used in the mid-2000s, thanks to the movie Mean Girls. In the movie, Lindsay Lohan’s character, Cady, says “GROOL,” when she meant to say “cool” and then started to say “great” in a conversation with Aaron Samuels during calculus class. Later in the movie, Aaron repeated the word back to her.

Since the film’s release, the word “GROOL” has become a common word in texts and emails among teenagers and children, but has since become less common and now rarely used.

Different usage

“Grool” may be a slang term for “girl drool,” a lubricant secreted by women during sexual simulations.

Example: Some girls have clear grool and some girls have creamy grool.

(means some girls’ virginal lubrications have color and some do not)

“Grool” may also be used to refer to any portion of meat or chicken that is discarded or considered undesirable. These include tendons, ligaments, fat, and sometimes veins.

Example: How can I eat such a steak? It’s more grool than actual meat! (means the steak is too raw to be eaten)

Real-life examples in conversations

Two friends were chatting on Facebook

Friend A: Hey, Exo released a new MV today!

Friend B: No way! Grool!

Friend A: Grool? What does that mean?

Friend B: You don’t know it? It means “great” and “cool” at the same time!

Friend A: Where do you get that?

Friend B: It was from “Mean Girls”.

Friend A: The film from the 2000s?

Friend B: Yep. But it was grool, you should watch it sometime.

Friend A: Okay.

A girl and a boy talking on the phone

Boy: Hey. Do you wanna come to this party I’m going to tonight with me?” 

Girl: Yeah sure..sounds fun

Boy: Great..so I’ll pick you up at 8ish? 

Girl: Grool.

In this example, the girl said “Grool”, meaning that she agrees to be picked up at 8 p.m. by the boy. It also shows that she is excited about the invitation to the party, and she thinks that is a great idea.

More exemplary sentences

“This party is grool!”

“You look grool!”

“That car is so grool!”

Another way to say the slang

Grool is usually used without any variation other than using an uppercase or lowercase G.

Related slangs

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2C4U Too cool for you
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ULKGR8 You look great


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