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How To Improve Your English Through Movies/ TV Series

It can be hard and boring to study English occasionally. Watching television shows or movies is an easy, fun, and effective method for improving your English.

The essential thing is to watch a movie in which you are interested. Unless you consider something uninteresting, quit watching it, or you won’t learn much English. You can enhance your English by watching almost any television show or movie on Netflix, but try to choose movies and shows with simple storylines and words.

How To Improve Your English Through Movies/ TV Series

Watching TV Series Can Also Improve Language Skills

You can easily observe the correct use of English through television and free movies. They also provide a natural context, the best way to learn English and comprehend new phrases and words through TV shows. For example, if the story takes place inside a workplace, you will notice sentences that will help you improve your business English.

Films and TV series on Netflix utilize everyday language, which is easy to read and learn. They are, therefore, a fantastic way to increase one’s vocabulary in English by acquiring idioms and ordinary American English.

It’s fun to watch free movies. When you’re too exhausted to do anything else, watching a movie is an excellent method to practice your English (like reading only subtitles).

Can I Improve My English By Watching The Series?

Students can learn a lot from watching Netflix series, like how to understand what they hear, build their vocabulary, and even talk to people. For instance, experts advise novices to learn English through animated television shows. The biggest reason is that most English sentences in animated movies are simple to understand.

Once you watch a film, you listen to phrases and words in their natural context. The subtitles you can see can help you figure out words and phrases you don’t know. Even though your vocabulary grows and you hear more native speech, you can also improve your speaking skills.

Which TV Show Is Best For Improving English?

Many people believe watching television wastes money and time, yet you realize this is not the case. If people follow the techniques suggested by professionals and the English learning tools available via the internet or watching American TV shows can be a good learning session. You may improve your English by watching the following shows,

The Office

The best part about “The Office” is that it all takes place in a department. It implies you can watch how colleagues and the boss communicate in English. This show is also viewable on Netflix. You can also use VPN for Netflix to watch series like this. However, there are also fantastic English lessons to learn from this series. This show extensively uses office-related terminology and expressions in American and British English and some informal language.

Stranger Things

A psychological horror comedy based on the 1980s. If you’re unfamiliar with 1980s English slang, here is a beautiful series. This show is also accessible on Netflix.

Finding Nemo

“Finding Nemo” is an English animated movie about a clownfish named Marlin who lost his son Nemo. It is one of the best movies for learning English. People don’t dive into details, but it’s a fantastic film for all ages and one of the most incredible animated pictures of all time. This movie is available on Netflix as well as other sites.

The Crown

Netflix made this unique drama about Queen Elizabeth’s life when she was young and had just married. The acting is just as elegant as the incredibly posh British accents, which are helpful to learn if you intend to live in the UK. There are available Netflix VPN to watch series like this without any hesitation.

Dear White People

This show could be the most contentious on the list. It’s a series of interconnected narratives about students at a university where racism and social equity concerns are at the front of everybody’s minds. You will acquire some essential English vocabulary from this movie because this movie is based on racism and different characters; therefore, foreign accents are utilized in this series. This series is also accessible on Netflix, or you may download it from Dailymotion.

How Can I Watch Movies To Improve My English?

You can improve your English by applying the following methods:

Watch An Animated Show Or Movie On Netflix

Experts have found that animated films are often more straightforward to comprehend than movies with real actresses and actors. Family-friendly animated movies frequently have more straightforward plots and terminology than a more complex thriller or drama series. Watching an old animated film, you already know, could be an excellent way to enhance your English language if you want to unwind.

Watch Movies with Subtitles

Viewing a TV series in your native context with English subtitles can improve your comprehension abilities. Reading subtitles might also help you improve your reading skills. Many people like to learn English with TV series since they know how to learn by watching movies with subtitles.

Mimic the Actors

Unlike other methodologies, this one focuses on your English-speaking skills. You learn to speak English by mimicking the actors. Whenever an actor talks, pause the film and rephrase what they say. Try to pronounce the line in the same manner and with identical pronunciation. (You can even copy their facial expressions and body language).


You may enhance your English by viewing any TV show or talk program; however, try to watch ones that are appropriate for your level of English. Choose a series with simple stories that employ easy, everyday language if you are beginning to learn English.


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