365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 3

79 I assure you.
80 I bet you can.
81 I can manage.
82 I can’t afford it.
83 I can’t believe it.
84 I can’t resist the temptation.
85 I can’t stand it.
86 I can’t tell.
87 I couldn’t agree more.
88 I couldn’t get through.
89 I couldn’t help it.
90 I didn’t mean to.
91 I don’t know for sure.
92 I enjoy your company.
93 I enjoyed it very much.
94 I envy you.
95 I feel like having some dumplings.
96 I feel terrible about it.
97 I feel the same way.
98 I have a complaint.
99 I have nothing to do with it.
100 I haven’t the slightest idea.
101 I hope you’ll forgive me.
102 I know the feeling.
103 I mean what I say.
104 I owe you one.
105 I really regret it.
106 I suppose so.
107 I thought so, too.
108 I understand completely.
109 I want to report a theft.
110 I want to reserve a room.
111 I was just about to call you.
112 I was moved. = I was touched.
113 I wasn’t aware of that.
114 I wasn’t born yesterday.
115 I wish I could.
116 I wouldn’t worry about it, if I we’re you.
117 I’d like a refund.
118 I’d like to deposit some money.
119 I’d like to make a reservation.
120 I’ll be right with you.
121 I’ll check it.
122 I’ll do my best.
123 I’ll get it.
124 I’ll give you a hand.
125 I’ll have to see about that.

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