Riled Up – Riled Up Meaning?

What Is The Definition of RILED UP And How It Is Used?

Ever wondered what “riled up” means? This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of “riled up”. Not only will we give you handy English conversation examples and the idiom’s definition, but we will also provide you with how to use, and when to use this idiom. Let’s get started!

What Is “Riled Up” and What Does It Mean? 

An idiom is a group of words put together to create a completely different meaning from each individual word. The word “riled up” is actually a popular idiom used in everyday conversation. 

Riled up” can have two different meanings depending on the context.

On the one hand, the term can be used to refer to someone who’s frustrated or very angry.

what does riled up mean

On the other hand, it can be used to describe hyperactivity, which is the state of having more energy than usual, especially in children.

Riled Up - Riled Up Meaning?

Origins of “Riled Up”

This idiom has its origin as far as the 1500s with the word “roil”. In the 1800s, people changed the spelling and write “rile” instead of “roil”, but the two words still share the same meaning. You can search the definitions of these words to find out that they mean to intimidate someone or to cause something to be overactive.

How To Use “Riled up” in a sentence?

The idiom “Riled up” can be used in various ways in everyday text conversations to describe irritation and anger. This idiom can be seen and heard a lot on news or broadcast language.

Example 1: This is an online newspaper’ heading. The article is about two white families whose children were beaten by two black kids. These families were really mad when they found out about this and threatened to sue the two back kids for what they had done.

“Two White Families Got Riled Up After Two Black Students Beat Their Kids”

Example 2: This is a comment from a sports reporter during a football match, when the decision from the referee proved to be unfair and caused an outrage in the audience.

“That yellow card from the referee riled up the crowd for sure.”

Examples in Conversation 

There are a lot of situations in which this idiom can be used. Below is an example of how to apply this idiom in daily conversations.

Example: This is a conversation between a wife and a husband. The husband just came back from work and wanted to play with the children. The wife warned him not to get them too excited because it was near dinner time.

  • Husband: Hey, I’m home. Is everything fine?
  • Wife: Welcome home, honey. Everything is alright.
  • Husband: Where are Sam and Kylie?
  • Wife: They are playing with the dogs in the garden.
  • Husband: Great. I’ll join them.
  • Wife: Be careful, don’t get them all riled up before the meal!

Example: Two friends were chatting together about another person named Anna. Anna was really angry when she got out of the boss’s office. They both wondered why.

  • A: Have you seen Anna’s face when she got out of the boss’s office?
  • B: Yes, she looked all riled up. I wonder what made her so angry.
  • A: I guess what the boss said really riled her up. You think so?
  • B: No better guess.

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