Dummy Thicc – What Does Dummy Thicc Mean?

Dummy Thicc: What is this Slang Term and When Should You Use It?

It is common knowledge that American people often use a lot of slangs in their daily conversations. Therefore, understanding slang terms is of great importance. You may have heard about “Dummy”, but do you know there is a term called “Dummy Thicc”? If you don’t, this is the right page for you to find out more about its meaning, how it is used with examples and even alternative words for this term.

Dummy Thicc - What Does Dummy Thicc Mean?

What is the meaning of the term “Dummy Thicc”?

To help you have a full understanding about “Dummy Thicc”, we will divide the term into two parts: “Dummy” and “Thicc”.

  • Dummy: The definition of “Dummy” has changed over time. In the past, it was used to describe the state of being stupid in a positive way. However, the fast growing Internet users refer “dummy” to a woman whose figure and body are so big, or even unbelievably curvy.
  • Thicc: “Thicc” is just another way of saying “Thick” which means having a large distance between the two sides. Obviously, it is just an expression of how thick a woman is with big bottom.

In general, if BBW means Big Beautiful Woman, then “Dummy Thicc” refers to the same meaning, however, the size of the woman is even bigger and more curvy than that, excessively huge compared to a normal woman.

When have people started to use the slang term “Dummy Thicc”?

To be honest, the term first came into existence in 2018 when movie characters used it in a video uploaded on Youtube. No one knew exactly where the term came from and who invented the slang term “Dummy Thicc”. However, it is clear that since then, “Dummy Thicc” has been one of the most wide-spread slang term on Twitter and other social networks sites.

Other Illustration of “Dummy Thicc”

Unfortunately, we have not found any other meanings or expressions for the term at the moment. If you do know some, please leave a comment so we can update this piece of information in the near future.

How to use “Dummy Thicc” in different contexts

Sample 1: Two friends are texting each other on Whatsapp about a girl named Kylie.

  • Fred: Hey, have you met Kylie recently? She is so hot, man. I have to tell you that her body is so thicc.
  • Frank: Well, we have not seen each other since last summer. Do you have any photo of her now?
  • Fred: Dude, of course.
    (Sending photos)
  • Frank: OMG! Are you kidding? She is dummy thicc! No wonder why you guys go crazy!

Sample 2: Two friends are discussing woman’s rights online.

  • A: I think we should go look up for woman’s rights, especially those who are teased by their appearance. You know, the dummy thicc girls!
  • B: Absolutely! I think we should cover girls with huge body figure in highschools. That will be good for now.

Other alternatives that can replace “Dummy Thicc”


extra thicc

excessively thicc

extremely curvy

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