365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 4

126 I’ll keep my eyes open.
127 I’ll keep that in mind.
128 I’ll pick up the tab.
129 I’ll play it by ear.
130 I’ll see what I can do.
131 I’ll show you.
132 I’ll take care of it.
133 I’ll take it.
134 I’ll take your advice.
135 I’ll think it over.
136 I’ll treat you to diner.
137 I’ll walk you to the door.
138 I’m broke.
139 I’m crazy about English.
140 I’m easy to please.
141 I’m glad to hear that.
142 I’m glad you enjoyed it.
143 I’m good at it.
144 I’m in a good mood.
145 I’m in good shape.
146 I’m just having a look.
147 I’m looking for a part-time job.
148 I’m looking forward to it.
149 I’m lost.
150 I’m not feeling well.
151 I’m not myself today.
152 I’m not really sure.
153 I’m on a diet.
154 I’m on my way.
155 I’m pressed for time.
156 I’m sorry I’m late.
157 I’m sorry to hear that.
158 I’m under a lot of pressure.
159 I’m working on it.
160 I’ve changed my mind.
161 I’ve got a headache.
162 I’ve got my hands full.
163 I’ve got news for you.
164 I’ve got no idea.
165 I’ve had enough.
166 If I we re in your shoes.
167 Is that OK?

365 Basic English Sentences – Unit 5

List Of 365 Common English Sentences

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