How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Speaking English ?

Despite acquiring the basic knowledge of English, many people still have the fear of communicating with the native speakers. So how should we practice so that we can communicate in English fluently and coherently? The following article will mention the four biggest obstacles preventing you from confidently speaking English and help you find the way to overcome these s. Let’s discover with Learn English Fun Way!

English experts said that fear of speaking English is a common psychology of most foreign language learners, even though they have studied English communication for many years.
And according to observation and research, these experts have found the leading causes and suitable solutions for those who want to communicate in English in the most coherent, comfortable, and natural way.

How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Speaking English ?

The First Obstacle: Learners Feel Shame When They Have To Speak English In Front Of Others.

If you are feeling shameful when you speak English, then no matter how much you practice speaking, it will still be impossible for you to open your mouth to communicate in English confidently. This is because the shame will always make you become extremely confused and worried when talking to other people, especially the natives.

How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Speaking English ?

The only solution for this is to open your mouth and speak.  Even speak as much as possible. Many people try to give different reasons why they do not speak, including cases of shame. But the more you make excuses, the worse your English communication will be. Even if your vocabulary is small, or your pronunciation is not good, you should still speak English. Just open your mouth, speak and from there, your skills will gradually improve. Over time, you will get used to speaking English. Along with this, you also can update knowledge and learn new vocabulary, your English speaking skills will definitely improve.

The Second Obstacle: Learners Feel Shy To Make Mistakes

Many people talk while worrying about making mistakes. But in fact no one is perfect. If you don’t want to make any mistakes, there is only a way to do nothing. However, that also means you will never improve. Basketball star Michael Jordan once said: “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Speaking English ?

In this situation, the way to dispel the fear of making mistakes may seem unusual, but English experts still advise you to make as many mistakes as possible. If one day, no mistakes are made, your speaking skills are not sufficiently trained. This does not mean that you intentionally make mistakes, but that you have to discover your mistakes and find ways to fix them. Grammar is the last thing you should consider during practice. What is more important is that you speak clearly, confidently, pronounce correctly so that the listeners can easily understand. Speaking English fluently and coherently will come to you someday.

The Third Obstacle: Learners Feel Disappointed With Themselves.

Practicing speaking English requires a lot of willpower. At times, you will feel it impossible for you to reach a level of fluency in English, and you will never be able to find the right words to express your ideas. Therefore, it is easy to see that many people who speak English with native speakers often apologize or feel embarrassed because they accidentally made a mistake.

In fact, the native speakers don’t take it seriously whether you make mistakes when communicating or not, because they think it is rude to catch someone’s errors while they are talking. Therefore, you should not feel guilty or sad because you are not good enough.

How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Speaking English ?

Anyone who learns English goes through this stage. It can take several weeks for those who regularly practice, and it can even last for years if they only spend a few hours practicing speaking sessions at the center each week. The only way to overcome the feeling of disappointment with yourself is to practice, practice, and practice. Remember that feeling disappointment and frustration is not because you are not smart, or this language is too difficult. It is just the feeling everyone has to go through. Face your own frustration and keep training to get through this phase more quickly.

The Forth Obstacle: Learners Are Negatively Affected When Listeners Do Not Understand What They Are Saying

Sometimes, you have trouble communicating because the other person doesn’t understand what you are saying. This is not your fault, but you are still negatively affected, and this causes you to have problems while speaking English.

The solution to this obstacle is very easy “Do not consider it as a serious matter”. While speaking any languages, including English, there is always a variety of voices. Many people familiar with this voice will find it difficult to understand when they first listen to other voices. In this case, the fact that they don’t understand what you are saying is not because your English skills are not good enough, but because they do not have enough experience in contacting with many different voices.

How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Speaking English ?

Besides, you may also have to face this problem when talking to people at a lower English level than you, especially when you use difficult vocabulary and phrases that they have not learned yet. Remember that we are not all in the same position on the long journey to conquering English. So, keep it as comfortable as you are when you practice speaking English at home. English is a journey, not a destination. It is a long process of learning and continuously practicing. Therefore, do not stop studying English for any reasons!

How To Overcome The Biggest Obstacles To Speaking English ?

To conclude, starting to learn a new language requires a clear motivation and proper methods to keep you right on track and encourage you keep on going. There are a variety of useful methods that Learn English Fun Way have mentioned before in other articles to help you boost your English skills. Specifically, in order to communicate English coherently and confidently in the future, the most significant solution is ” Keep positive, keep fearless and keep practicing”. We promise that your hard work will pay off. Thank you for reading and see you in the next writing!







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