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Anonymous242: hi
Anonymous256: Hi
Anonymous257: Hi, anyone up for a chat????
Anonymous258: hi
Anonymous275: HEY GUYS HELLO
Anonymous275: I'M MOSTAFA
Anonymous275: HEY BEN DID U SEE ME
Anonymous281: hallo
Anonymous289: Hi there
Anonymous290: hello there
Anonymous290: Where are you from?
Anonymous290: I'm Rosy, Nice to meet you all
Anonymous290: Add me in Skype: "howtoreachthemoon" if you need a partner learning english
Anonymous312: surprised
Anonymous318: Hey
Anonymous319: hey
Anonymous319: hi from China
Anonymous326: hello
Anonymous326: anyone here?
Anonymous339: Achieving this advanced phase of language learning,i decided to join this site to interact with native people to level up my language abilities
Anonymous343: hi
Anonymous346: hi
Anonymous349: hi
Anonymous352: hello
Anonymous353: hello???
Anonymous357: hi
Anonymous363: hello!
Anonymous372: hi
Anonymous372: what


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