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Short Story in English 30 – Here Comes the Flu

Short Story in English 30 – Here Comes the FluPin

Here Comes the Flu
Jason read the news.
He watched the news.
He listened to the news.
The swine flu was coming.
The swine flu was dangerous.
The swine flu was a killer.
It killed people.
Everyone should get a shot.
Jason was not worried about the swine flu.
He was healthy.
“I am as healthy as a horse,” he said.
“I never get the flu.
I never get sick.”
Jason was a talk show host.
He talked on the radio.
He talked for three hours every day.
He said, “I’m not getting a swine flu shot.”
A doctor called Jason.
The doctor told Jason to get a shot.
He said, “Come to my office.
I’ll give you a free shot.”
Jason said no.
He was as healthy as a horse.
One month later, Jason didn’t go to work.
He didn’t go to work for a week.
He had the swine flu.
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