Fark Meaning – What Does Fark Mean?

How Do We Define “Fark”? And How Can We Use This Term Correctly?

“Fark” is a form of everyday Internet jargon and conversation that you may have been exposed to. While the word sounds strange and confusing, it isn’t. Here you will find the meaning of this term and information about its origin, if any. You will also find that the word can have different meanings and some examples of conversations to illustrate the correct use of the term. Finally, you will see some suggested words or phrases that you can replace with “fark” allowing you to relate the same meaning.


What is the Meaning of Fark?

The Definition of Fark

The slang term “fark” is a phrase used to replace a harsh or offensive word when a situation does not allow you to use the wrong word itself. Most often, “fark” replaces the obvious “f$%k” when swearing. It is used to express extreme surprise or anger.

For example: “Fark off.”

The Origin of Fark

About “f.u.ck”, it is unknown, but possibly Middle English, of North Germanic origin, related to the Norwegian dialect fukka (“to have s.e.x; to kiss”), Swedish Bohuslän fokka (formerly “to kiss); to push ; push ”, today focka (“ shoot from the work ”), the Swedish fock (“ the pe.n.is ”) and the central Dutch (and modern Dutch) fokken (“ for crosses ”). The first verifiable use of the word in a s.e.xually explicit context in any period of English appears in court documents from Chester County, England, which first mention a man named “Roger Fuckebythenaosystem” on December 8, 1310. It was listed for the first time in the dictionary in 1598.

No information is known on the specific origins of the term “fark” other than to say that it is widely used in parts of Australia and New Zealand. The term can start in these regions and progress through Internet communication in other places. In Australia and New Zealand, the “fark” is only mildly offensive compared to the “f.u.c.k” itself. The only pronunciation difference between “fark” and “f.u.c.k” is the length of the vowels; f.u.c.k is pronounced / fak / in Australia and / fɐk / in New Zealand.

Other Meanings of Fark

The word “fark” actually have couple of other meanings. One of them is to set a high volume web page for the server to stop responding. The second meaning is somewhat related, named after the popular Fark site, because when you connect to a small site from its main site, that small site often suffers from such new traffic that it becomes unusable due to a machine failure. farklogo_medium_light-e1632285027448

How do We Use the Term Fark?

Example 1

Student A: Fark it! I left all my textbooks at school and now it is closed due to Covid-19!

Student B: Calm down. What’s your problem then?

Student A: How am I supposed to do my homework? It’s huge lot of homework I’m talking about!

Student B: Don’t bother. The deadline will be reset after the vacation. Anyway, the teachers have already uploaded online materials. Go search for that yourself.

Student A: Thanks God. You saved my life.

In this example, two friends were talking about their homework and textbooks. One friend was surprised to find out he had left all at school and was in panic. The other comforted him by saying the deadline was not due and all the materials could be found online.

Example 2

Game player 1: Fark off you stupid a.s.s!

Game player 2: Are you talking about me?

Game player 1: No! I was talking about the zombie that was right after me.

Game player 2: Don’t worry. I’m coming!

Game player 1: Forget it. It killed me.

In this example, we can clearly see that there are two players in one game speaking to each other. One was chased after by a “zombie” (a game character) and he told it to “fark off” (=to go away). The other heard and came for help but it was too late.

Other exemplary sentences

  • Go fark yourself!
  • Fark those jerks, and fark their stupid rules!
  •  Well, fark you, man.
  • Fark, I screwed up!
  • I just lost the farking game.
  • That party was farking awesome!
  • Oh FARK!
  • I’m all farked up!
  • My web server went down. It was farked pretty heavily.
  • Damn! I stubbed my farking toes in the door!
  • Our server is totally farked!
  • Anyone’s got a Google cache? It’s Fark!
  • OMG, that site is farked!

Is There Alternative to Fark?

There are many alternatives that you can use in place of the word “fark” to convey the same meaning. Some alternatives you can use include:

  • f$%k
  • fudge
  • frick
  • f**k
  • fuqq
  • “f” word
  • the F
  • fizuk
  • f.oo.k
  • ef
  • eff
  • f-bomb
  • f.e.ck

Other Related Slang Terms

You may also want to learn about other curse or sensitive words which are written or spoken in a slightly less offensive way.

  • you-know-what: s.e.x
  • dang: damn
  • shiz: sh.it
  • facker: f.ucker
  • ish: sh.it
  • shiznot: sh.it
  • ahole: a.ss.hole
  • blankstick: f.uckstick
  • bleeding: f.ucking
  • bleeping: f.ucking
  • bloody: f.uc.king
  • BUFU: butt f.u.c.k
  • “c” word: c.u.nt
  • ducking: f.ucking
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