Words That Start With Y | Common Words Start with Letter Y

Words That Start With Y

Vocabulary acts as a strong basis for any language. You cannot be good at any language if you lack proper vocabulary. English is the same. If you want to become proficient in English then you need to get a strong grip on vocabulary. Moreover, it is the one ingredient that beautifies the language in the right way.

The most common English words that start with Y. In this lesson, we are going to take a look at an ultimate list of words that start with Y.

Where can we find suitable English words for beginners? Our website is one of the best answers! On Learn English, the Fun Way website, our team of writers has made lists of the most frequently-used English vocabulary for you guys to make reference to. These lists are sorted in alphabetical order and posted gradually each week. Today, it’s time for another list of words that start with Y. Hope you guys enjoy it!

words that start with Y

words that start with Y

List of words that start with Y

1 Yacht
A huge wave capsized the yacht.
2 Yachting
I go yachting most weekends in the summer.
3 Yachtsman
A yachtsman got into trouble off the coast and had to be rescued.
4 Yacking
The students were seated on the floor, still yacking away.
5 Yada
In times of drought, the villagers hold a collective rainmaking ritual known as Yada tilesh.
6 Yakuza
Reenactment: three Yakuza on the streets of Tokyo.
7 Yams
Cotton, Indian corn, sweet potatoes, yams and rice are small crops.
8 Yang
Then they called on Xiao Yang to play the harmonica.
9 Yank
She gave the rope a yank.
10 Yapping
Some guy was yapping on his cell phone.
11 Yard
Their poultry are kept in the yard.
12 Yardage
Maybe he was talking about the yardage.
13 Yardstick
By any yardstick, that’s a large amount of money.
14 Yarn
Craft Resources also sells yarn and embroidery floss.
15 Yawn
She managed to stifle a yawn.
16 Yeah
Yeah, you need a break.
17 Year
This factory produces 10,000 military vehicles every year.
18 Yearbook
There are two yearbook portraits side by side.
19 Yearlong
She came back after a yearlong absence.
20 Yearly
The earth makes a yearly revolution around the sun.
21 Yearn
Do pregnant women really yearn for sour pickles?
22 Yeast
You mix flour, yeast and water to make bread.
23 Yell
This gave them a chance to yell.
24 Yelled
She yelled out in pain.
25 Yelling
Keep that boy from yelling.
26 Yellow
If you mix blue and yellow, you get green.
27 Yellowcake
They have converted yellowcake into uranium hexafluoride gas.
28 Yellowed
The paper had yellowed with age.
29 Yellowing
She sat scanning the yellowing pages.
30 Yellowish
A gas lamp gave out a pale yellowish light.
31 Yellows
The room was decorated in vibrant blues and yellows.
32 Yellowtail
Continue with smoked yellowtail, grilled miso black cod
33 Yeshiva
It is part of Yeshiva University.
34 Yesterday
The two spies were pardoned yesterday by the President.
35 Yesteryear
Forget the promotional toasters and blenders of yesteryear.
36 Yeti
You once organised an expedition to find the yeti.
37 Yield
This method of cultivation produces higher yield.
38 Yips
To avoid the yips he changed his style of putting.
39 Yodel
It was almost like a yodel.
40 Yoga
Yoga gives me a sense of inner calm.
41 Yoghurt
Mash the bananas to a pulp and then mix in the yoghurt.
42 Yogurt
The girl thirsted for yogurt.
43 Yolk
The sauce should not boil or the egg yolk will curdle.
44 Yore
So what happened to that edge of yore?
45 York
York was within an hour’s drive.
46 Young
Peer pressure is strong among young people .
47 Younger
She reworked her speech for a younger audience.
48 Youngest
She dotes on her youngest daughter.
49 Youngster
That youngster is my brother.
50 Your
Let me check your blood pressure.
51 Youre
You got a velvet mouth youre so succulent and beautiful.
52 Yours
The final decision is yours.
53 Yourself
You can go there by yourself.
54 Yourselves
Did you enjoy yourselves in your holiday?
55 Youth
A growing youth has a wolf in his belly.
56 Youthful
I have a youthful spirit.
57 Youthfulness
I wonder at her perennial youthfulness.
58 Youtube
If you are a m.aso.chist, you can troll YouTube for clips.
59 Yuan
He earns fifty yuan a day.
60 Yucky
They painted the bathroom a yucky green colour.
61 Yuppies
There were no yuppies or floppy discs.

Above-mentioned is the list of the 100 most commonly used words that start with Y. Make every effort to memorize them, use them in your daily conversations and try to study more and more new words. In this way, your vocabulary will be enhanced and your English skills will also be improved by leaps and bounds

Though not as tough as it may sound, learning vocabulary can be considered an advanced topic in language learning. Be it any language, target it and learn it as much as possible!

Thank you for learning the lesson words that start with Y and see you in the next article with another list of commonly used words!

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