Words That Start With U | 100 Words Start with Letter U

Words That Start With U

Henry Hazlitt once said: “Knowledge of things and knowledge of the words for them grow together. If you do not know the words, you can hardly know the thing.” Therefore, it can be said that if you want to succeed in any language, learning vocabulary is a must!

The 100 most common English words that start with U. In this lesson, we are going to take a look at an ultimate list of words that start with U.

When it comes to English, there are such a huge number of words that beginners sometimes feel confused and don’t know what words should be learned first. For this reason, on Learn English In A Fun Way website, we have updated lists of the most frequently spoken English vocabulary for you guys to make reference to. Following is the list of selected words that start with U. Hope you guys enjoy it!

words that start with U

words that start with U


List of 100 words that start with U

1 Ubiquitous
Sugar is ubiquitous in the diet.
2 Ugly
They discredited her good name with ugly gossip.
3 Ultimate
The ultimate decision lies with the parents.
4 Ultimately
The committee ultimately adopted his suggestions.
5 Ultraviolet
Ultraviolet rays damage the skin.
6 Umbrella
I’ve forgotten my umbrella – what a nuisance!
7 Unable
He was unable to escape the array of facts.
8 Unacceptable
The cost of these proposed changes makes them unacceptable.
9 Unanimous
He was elected by a unanimous vote.
10 Unanimously
Three judges unanimously upheld the sentence.
11 Unanswered
Forgive me for leaving some of your questions unanswered.
12 Unarmed
Bombs rained down on the unarmed common people.
13 Unauthorized
Unauthorized vehicles will be wheel clamped or towed away.
14 Unavailable
Funding for the new school is unavailable.
15 Unaware
I was unaware of his existence until today.
16 Uncertain
Bridie was uncertain about meeting him.
17 Uncertainty
He had an air of uncertainty about him.
18 Unchanged
Train fares are likely to remain unchanged.
19 Uncle
My uncle became severe when I was late.
20 Unclear
The ownership of the painting remains unclear.
21 Uncommon
Cancer of the breast in young women is uncommon.
22 Unconscious
She was found alive but unconscious.
23 Uncover
In spring we uncover the swimming pool.
24 Undated
The cheque/letter was undated.
25 Under
The floor felt uneven under his feet.
26 Undercover
You can spot undercover cops a mile off.
27 Undergo
The planes have to undergo rigorous safety checks.
28 Underground
The house has an underground passage.
29 Undermine
A mole can undermine the strongest rampart.
30 Underneath
This jacket’s too big, even with a sweater underneath.
31 Underscore
Matches the underscore or underline mark.
32 Underscored
He heavily underscored his note to Shelley.
33 Understand
I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.
34 Undertake
Students are required to undertake simple experiments.
35 Underwater
The ship was underwater when they reached her.
36 Underway
The project is already well underway .
37 Underwear
She stripped down to her underwear.
38 Underwriters
Will you give us a premium rebate just as other underwriters do?
39 Undisclosed
The inmates were moved to an undisclosed location.
40 Undo
Can you undo this knot?
41 Undocumented
Undocumented workers in our midst.
42 Undoubtedly
Hanley is undoubtedly a great player.
43 Unemployed
My father was an unemployed labourer.
44 Unemployment
Unemployment and inflation are interrelated.
45 Unencrypted
The file is unencrypted and stored by default.
46 Uneven
Your work is always uneven.
47 Unexpected
The unexpected rainstorm caused the collapse of the roof.
48 Unexpectedly
The device detonated unexpectedly.
49 Unfair
They had been given an unfair advantage.
50 Unfairly
Some shops marked up the goods unfairly.
51 Unfamiliar
I noticed several unfamiliar faces in the meeting room.
52 Unfortunate
It was an unfortunate accident.
53 Unhappy
I hate to see you unhappy.
54 Unidentified
He was shot and killed by an unidentified gunman.
55 Uniform
The uniform was trimmed with gold braid.
56 Uniforms
Army uniforms are often olive green.
57 Unify
No one dissents from the decision to unify.
58 Uninstall
You must choose to upgrade or uninstall and reinstall.
59 Uninsured
How about injuries to you by an uninsured motorist?
60 Unintended
A misleading impression may be unintended.
61 Union
A solid bloc of union members support the decision.
62 Unique
The machine’s unique design prevents it from overheating.
63 Uniquely
Each computer is uniquely specified by its serial number.
64 Unit
How do you operate the remote control unit?
65 Unite
The two shops will unite into one.
66 Unity
Complete political unity is impossible to achieve.
67 Universal
His speech met with universal applause.
68 Universally
The scale of the problem is now universally recognised.
69 Universe
It’s a book about the origin of the universe.
70 University
When will you go up to Cambridge University?
71 Unknown
The outcome of their discussion is still unknown.
72 Unlawful
He claimed damages for unlawful eviction.
73 Unless
Law can nerver be enforced unless fear supports it.
74 Unlicensed
Unlicensed boxing can be very dangerous.
75 Unlike
This was a foreign country, so unlike San Jose.
76 Unlikely
The project seemed unlikely to succeed.
77 Unlimited
The system can support an unlimited number of users.
78 Unlock
The police required the traveler to unlock his suitcase.
79 Unmanned
Unmanned post offices meant millions of letters went unsorted.
80 Unnamed
The cash comes from an unnamed source.
81 Unnecessary
I don’t want to encumber myself with unnecessary luggage.
82 Unofficial
But this does not rule out unofficial discussions.
83 Unpaid
Unpaid bills began to pile up alarmingly.
84 Unparalleled
Germany’s unparalleled prosperity is based on wise investments.
85 Unpopular
It was a painful and unpopular decision.
86 Unprofitable
The day proved frustratingly unprofitable.
87 Unprotected
Water and other liquids can stained unprotected wood surfaces.
88 Unrealistic
This demand proved unrealistic and unworkable.
89 Unreasonable
I think he’s being unreasonable.
90 Unregulated
A deregulated market does not mean an unregulated market.
91 Unrelated
My line of work is entirely unrelated to politics.
92 Unrest
There is growing unrest throughout the country.
93 Unsafe
The area of unsafe buildings has been charted out.
94 Unseen
Many a flower is born to blush unseen.
95 Unspecified
He was arrested on unspecified charges.
96 Unstable
The world is a precarious and unstable place.
97 Unstructured
Our aim was that these meetings be unstructured and informal.
98 Unsuccessful
We have been unsuccessful in finding a new manager.
99 Unsure
I was unsure of the reaction I would get.
100 Unsuspecting
Don’t be an unsuspecting elder.

Above is the list of common English words that start with U. The added examples are written to help you understand how these words relate to the English language as well as assist you in your own English language learning. The list is designed to be used as a reference. Whether you read the entire list in one sitting, a few words at a time, or choose to skim through and read the words you don’t know, we hope it is purposeful in your English study.

Thank you for learning the lesson words that start with U and see you in the next writing!

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