Words That Start With R | 100 Words Start with Letter R

Words That Start With R

The English language is the most studied second language in the world, widely used everywhere and for a variety of purposes – for example, working in international business, making friends with people from all over the world, or enhancing your overall knowledge. In the age of globalization, English continues to be adopted universally and is the most popular second language to acquire.

The 100 most common English words that start with R . In this lesson, we are going to take a look at an ultimate list of words that start with R.

Although most of us have already realized the importance of English and the necessity of learning this international language, many are still very confused about how to start our study journey. The starting should be frequently used vocabulary in English, which we have given a lot on our website. Today’s post will be 100 common English words that start with R. Hope you guys enjoy it!

words that start with R

words that start with R

List of 100 words that start with R

1 Race
I gambled all my winnings on the last race.
2 Radar
This radar is operated by an electronic pulse.
3 Radio
The radio is giving out a strange signal.
4 Rain
We’ll go out when the rain is over.
5 Raise
The estate is holding an auction to raise money.
6 Rally
The team captain vainly tried to rally his troops.
7 Random
Police will conduct random breath tests.
8 Range
There is a full range of activities for children.
9 Rape
Rape is a taboo subject .
10 Rapid
The 1990s were a period of rapid change.
11 Rapidly
The probability is that prices will rise rapidly.
12 Rare
A rare bird has just flown by.
13 Rarely
The police rarely shoot to kill .
14 Rate
At any rate, your plan needs revision.
15 Rather
The experience had left him rather shaky.
16 Ratio
They have a high ratio of imports to exports.
17 Reach
What number are you trying to reach?
18 Reaction
I was unsure of the reaction I would get.
19 Reader
He’s a good reader.
20 Ready
The brochure will be ready for publication in September.
21 Real
This puzzle is a real sod.
22 Reality
His dream has become a reality.
23 Realize
Only later did she realize her mistake.
24 Really
I feel really guilty at forgetting her birthday again.
25 Rear
We attacked the enemy from the rear.
26 Reason
What’s the reason you’re doing this?
27 Reasonable
It seems a perfectly reasonable request to make.
28 Rebel
Some parts of the country fell into rebel hands.
29 Recall
You don’t happen to recall his name, do you?
30 Receive
All those eligible will receive a cash handout.
31 Recent
The recent hot, humid weather is affecting air quality.
32 Recently
I’ve been going through a bad patch recently.
33 Recession
Hundreds of firms went bankrupt during the recession.
34 Recognition
Her unusual talent gained her worldwide recognition.
35 Recognize
We must recognize that we have been defeated.
36 Recommend
I can thoroughly recommend it.
37 Record
The sale generated record profits.
38 Recorded
Use recorded delivery for large cheques or money orders.
39 Recording
The recording quality is excellent.
40 Recover
We prayed she would recover from her illness.
41 Recovery
Congratulations on your complete recovery.
42 Reduce
He would not reduce it in price.
43 Reduction
What reduction will you make on this article?
44 Reference
Keep this dictionary for reference.
45 Referendum
The conference approved a proposal for a referendum.
46 Referred
He referred to the report in passing.
47 Referring
You know who I’m referring to.
48 Reflect
Does this letter reflect how you really think?
49 Reform
She refuses to acknowledge the need for reform.
50 Regardless
She always travels first-class regardless of expense.
51 Regime
The regime was the very incarnation of evil.
52 Region
Religious fundamentalism was spreading in the region.
53 Regional
There is a tendency towards regional cooperation.
54 Register
Have you signed the hotel register ?
55 Regular
Sunday is a regular holiday.
56 Regularly
He regularly gives lectures on modern French literature.
57 Regulation
The regulation was perfunctorily carried out.
58 Regulatory
Too strict a regulatory system will stifle innovation.
59 Relationship
I have quite a good relationship with my parents.
60 Relative
Get a relative to look after the children.
61 Relatively
The system is relatively easy to use.
62 Relatives
Many flattering relatives fawned on the rich old man.
63 Release
Ice could freeze up their torpedo release mechanisms.
64 Relevant
She’s well qualified but has no relevant work experience.
65 Reliable
I just want a good reliable car, nothing flashy.
66 Relief
He gave a little murmur of relief.
67 Religious
Her mother is a religious woman.
68 Reload
He tried to eject the spent cartridge and reload.
69 Rely
As babies, we rely entirely on others for food.
70 Relying
The Red Cross are relying on us.
71 Remain
The details of his life remain obscure .
72 Remember
I don’t remember my first day at school.
73 Remote
How do you operate the remote control unit?
74 Remotely
The brew tasted only remotely of beer.
75 Remove
Oil is refined to remove naturally occurring impurities.
76 Repair
He mixed up some plaster to repair the wall.
77 Repeatedly
The loudspeakers blared the speech repeatedly.
78 Replace
Please replace the books after reading.
79 Replacement
The bike is in need of replacement.
80 Report
The report ended on a positive note.
81 Reportedly
The band have reportedly decided to split up.
82 Reporter
The reporter took notes in shorthand.
83 Represent
I can only represent it to you by metaphors.
84 Reputation
He has acquired a reputation for dishonesty.
85 Request
I request that you should come early.
86 Requested
She requested nothing of me.
87 Require
Most art forms require a contribution from the observer.
88 Requirement
There’s no absolute requirement to disclose your age.
89 Rescue
He had attempted to rescue the drowning man.
90 Research
She’s doing some research on AIDS.
91 Researchers
The researchers are repeating the experiment on rats.
92 Resident
She is resident at his house.
93 Residential
The town is a residential suburb.
94 Resistance
As with all new ideas it met with resistance.
95 Resolution
The resolution was passed by a two-thirds majority.
96 Resolve
Be patient and the situation may resolve itself.
97 Resort
One has sometimes to resort to these little devices.
98 Resource
All pollution is simply an unused resource.
99 Respect
We must respect each other’s territorial integrity.
100 Respond
I asked him his name, but he didn’t respond.

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Thank you for learning the lesson words that start with R and see you in the next lesson!

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